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Lutterloh Manual

The Lutterloh System International flat pattern making manual is updated annually in December, taking out old quarterly supplements and replacing with current updates.  When you purchase a Lutterloh Manual you do not have to buy a new one each year. You can order seasonal supplements: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter to keep your manual up-to-date.  You will be notified via sewbeit-talk group as new supplements become available.  If you live in a climate where you don’t need all seasons, you can order individual supplements. 

Fabric Suggestions are not given with the Lutterloh patterns.  This is a personal preference since every pattern can be made in many different fabrics, each creating a different look.  The sketches of the designs determine the silhouette of the garment.  Is it crisp, tailored or softly gathered?  Is the design detailed or does it have few lines? A dramatic print or textured fabric is best for a garment with simple lines.  This is the fun part of sewing – choosing fabric that  YOU like to wear based on your figure type.

Fabric allowance is calculated on a 92cm (36”) Bust measurement.  You can lay out the pattern on a piece of fabric to determine the exact amount needed.  A conversion chart is also provided in the Complimentary issue of Sew Be It.com Newsletter.

The complete manual does include pattern making instructions and a Symbols Table to guide you through drafting your own perfect fitting pattern in minutes.  FAST, EASY AND ACCURATE!  You can copy and enlarge the Symbols page – laminate it and place near your sewing area to use as a quick reference.

Keep in mind that the Lutterloh System is a flat pattern making system.  It does not teach you how to sew.  I will continue to provide tips and techniques on how to sew with Lutterloh. I am here for you to help you become successful with this system.

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