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Lutterloh Special Editions

Lutterloh has offered the following Special Editions:

Classic Fuller Figure #26: 100 models & pattern designs

Men’s #27: 63 models & pattern designs

Children’s Collection #28: 100 models & pattern designs

XL/XXL Plus Manual #29: 97 models & pattern designs with Tool Kit, blue sizing scale, push pins and cardboard ruler.

Classic Fuller Figure #30: 100 models & pattern designs

Lutterloh includes the design and wearing ease in all their patterns. Seam and hem allowance need to be added,

Instructions #9 & 10 in the pattern manual have a picture where the paper pattern is chalk marked on the fabric and then seam and hem allowance added accordingly. The chalk mark becomes your stitching line.

Once you learn to draft without seam allowance, you will love it! For bridal and formal attire, I make full muslin bodice. You can tape your pattern pieces together. Mark on your master paper pattern or muslin the minor changes that need to be made. Remove the tape and use the pattern pieces to cut out your fashion fabric.

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