Continuing Education/Resources


Working in the business world and always in a marketing environment, I knew that
continuing education was going to be an important factor to build a successful home-
based sewing business.

For example, you do not have to quit your day job to start a licensed home-based
business. You do need to know what you want now and where you want to be in
5 years. You need to write a Business Plan and update it every six  months for the
first five years and continue every six months for the next five year thereafter.  It took
me 7 years to accomplish my first five year plan! It made me realize that I needed to
specialize and not try to do it all.  Made a big difference.

Getting Started information will assist you in writing your own Business Plan.  Click
on Member Services for more information on how to join and take
advantage of downloading printable forms. The Goal Planner tells you that you are
overbooked and that your business could be seasonal.  This planner is a BIG help
setting up your Business Plan and will show you that it is time to specialize. Take it
slow, take it part-time, keep it part-time or take it beyond pin money. It’s up to you!

I was very fortunate through all my continuing education classes/seminars and
tradeshows to meet the authors in person and have their autograph with a personal
note to me on each book that I have purchased.  It is a keep sake.

Enjoy! Sew Be It! Nanc