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Resources Continued

Fabric Savvy – Author: Sandra Betzina ISBN # 1561582670 Review: This is a hardbound 11″x 7″ “The Essential Guide for Every Sewer”. Take this book with you when you go fabric shopping. There is a two-page section in color for each fabric mentioned formatted the same throughout the book that makes this fun and easy to read. There is a description of the fabric, suitable garments along with sewing tips. It gets better. Tells you what size needle to use when sewing with specific fabric along with layout, marking, cutting, thread, seam finishes, pressing, topstitching, closures and hems. The back of the book has sections on seams, details, hemming, all with descriptive pictures. Fabric Savvy is truly a continuous educational working tool.
Classic Tailoring Techniques – Author: Roberto Cabrera/Patricia Flaherty Meyers ISBN # 0870054317 Review: This is a hardbound 9″x12″ “A Construction Guide For Men’s Wear” I learned a lot about the art of tailoring from this book. Very well written with detailed drawings. I love Section 9 Alteration – tapering the Jacket Lapels, relining the jacket, altering the jacket width, altering pants waistline, sleeve length. For tailoring techniques, this is a must book to own and use, click on the Amazon.com logo and order today! There is also a construction guide for women’s wear.
Altering Women’s Ready-to-Wear – Author: Mary A. Roehr – ISBN # 0961922907
Review: The pant hem chart has the best Illustrations of various pant widths. The information provided will help you to make professional decisions when altering pant hems. Wait until you read the section on shortening jacket sleeves without taking the existing hem a part. Altering Women’s Ready-to-Wear is a must to own and use. Follow Mary’s instructions throughout the manual and you will be able to alter any garment.
Altering Men’s Ready-to-Wear – Author: Mary A. Roehr – ISBN # 0961922915
Review: The section for cuffing pants list step-by-step easy to read instructions and illustrations. There is even a section on shortening men’s ties. These books were the turning point in my business. I purchased the spiral version to use as working manuals. I highlighted words and sections throughout each manual as I learned the correct tips and techniques. I also wrote notes along the margins. Written for the home sewists, the content and illustrations cover everything you need to learn to alter your own clothes and turn your hobby into sewing professionally for profit.
The Wedding Dress- Author: Maria McBride-Mellinger – ISBN # 0679418849
Review: This is a 10.5″ x 13″ hardbound elegantly illustrated and written book on “The Right Dress”. Part One: The Wedding in History Part Two: The Modern Wedding Dress
Part Three: Your Wedding Dress. I take this book with me when I travel. There is so much information in this book; I learn something every time I read it.
Couture Sewing Techniques – Author: Claire B. Shaeffer – ISBN # 0942391888
Review: You can create a couture garment using the techniques from this book. The instructions and illustrations are so easy to understand. I love the section on Jackets and Coats. The one page Characteristics of A Couture Jacket is an education in itself. The only thing missing from my book is Claire’s autograph, which I hope to get!
Bridal Couture – Author: Susan Khalje – ISBN #0801987571 Fine Sewing Techniques for Wedding Gowns and Evening Wear.
Review: My favorite section is Part III Construction. Once you learn the importance of making the muslin pattern, you will do this for every couture project. I encourage you to attend Susan Khalje’s class. She is the best. What you learn from this book and her class will contribute to your success in the bridal and formal sewing business. Order this book today. Take it with you to class and have her autograph it. You will treasure it!

Note: When you purchase books for your business, the cost can be deducted as continuing education expense! Keep all receipts! Click on the Amazon.com Logo to order your books today!