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Drink Life In – Update July 8 2012.  Sewists – talk group.  If you have a home-based or store front sewing business, you can add Health & Wellness to your business.  A year ago, I could not walk up and down steps due to knee surgery,  Today I can do this and off prescription medicine for arthritis in my knee.  Amazing .  I also lost 33 pounds – YEAH!

I have great information on a flash drive that I can email to you or mail to you either way.  Email me if you would like more information. nanc@sewbeit.com.

Take care and Enjoy!

Sewists Talk-Group Update:  July 8,2012 Looks like sewists-talk group at yahoo.com will not be going away. Keep sending questions to the talk group.  Thanks, – Sew Be It! Nancy

SEW BE IT.com Business Update: MARCH 10, 2012
SEWBEIT-TALK – I had a table at bridal show January 2012 in Winchester Kentucky and it was so professional. I had a display to promote my bridal preservation program with my daughter Stacy’s wedding gown that has been preserved for 15 years. Beautiful. The box has a window so you can see the dress.  I also had a display of Zija International Products including the Weight Loss Management System to help out the owner of the hotel who is a Zija Distributor. Big Hit. I created an excel list and sorted by wedding dates so I can help these brides achieve their weight goals. I also got asked to sign up for two more bridal shows  to promote Zija.  A member from my church asked me to be their Wedding Planner for 2nd marriage. I have two great books to put on Amazon.com.
You can sign up as a preferred customer on autoship and the product ships directly to you. A lot of you have a businesss and already a customer base to share this product with. I can tell you how rewarding it is to share a product that works and to hear their testimonials.
Sewbeit-talk group – If you have any questions about this business opportunity contact me at 859-354-4069 or email nanc@sewbeit.com . Trust me, if you sign up as a distributor on auto ship you have 30 days from the day you receive your product to cancel and get a full refund.  Email me and I will send you the distributor application. I can show you how to get your auto ship monthly FREE. Visit  my website www.nancykanaval.myzija.com
Take care.  SewBeIt! Nanc

SEWBEIT.com Business Opportunity NOVEMBER 2011
WHO DO YOU KNOW that would like to Lose Weight, has Arthritis, Joint Pain, Acid Reflux, Allergies, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure issues? Read my testimonial below and you will see why I offer this to my alterations customers and they thank me all the time. The 98% of my bridal customers and the entire party want to lose weight and they tell their friends and family.
MY TESTIMONIAL: A business acquaintance introduced me to Zija International Weight Management System. To-date I have lost 33 pounds. It gets better…..I had knee surgery over two years ago which was successful but Arthritis set in and I could not walk steps or sleep at night with the pain. Because of the anti-inflammatory support in Zija Smart Mix I am pain free. July I stopped my Arthritis prescription medicine. My shoulder is free from joint pain and I am off Prilosec for acid reflux. The product works and I have to share it with everybody.
SEWBEIT TALK GROUP – This is a great business opportunity to add to your sewing business. When your customers, family, friends and business acquaintances see what Zija does for you they will want to be your customer or sign up under you as a distributor. You are your own testimonial.
TRUST ME I will not promote something that does not work. People are coming to me everywhere I go asking what are you doing…you look terrific. My doctor is amazed at my Cholesterol and Blood Pressure and of course the weight loss. She told me to keep doing what I am doing. At my age to feel this great and be so focused that I will take this product the rest of my life. To me, it is God’s favor and I have to share it with everybody. You don’t have to stock product. It ships from the warehouse to their house and is set up through auto ship. The best part is the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee because Zija works and you won’t want to be without it.
THE GOOD NEWS is that the Health and Wellness industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. Many people are now looking for preventative health measures.
If you have any questions about this business opportunity you can contact me at 859-354-4069 or email nanc@sewbeit.com or visit me at my website: www.nancykanaval.myzija.com

If you are not interested it is OK. You are still my valued sewbeit talk-group and sewbeit annual members. I am just sharing this opportunity with everybody so nobody is left out. Take care, Enjoy! Nanc

SEWBEIT.com business updates: OCTOBER  2011
  • BIND YOUR BUSINESS! Now available in Documents Library through Members Only.  Click on each file and SAVE the required documents to your desktop.  Then print.  Read the HOW TO so you can do a quick test to see how the hyperlink works with the sample invoices. Your CPA  may give you a discount for being so organized. For those of you that do not have a business, you can use this for your personal tracking of expenses. If you are not a member go to Sewbeit.com Sewing Store and sign up for $25 membership. All new members effective on or before October 31, 2011 will get November & December FREE and membership will extend through December 2012.  Once you are confirmed paid through paypal, go to Members Only and click on Documents Library and log in with your email address and create a password.  You can also mail in $25 check, money order or credit card Mastercard or Visa.  I will create a sign in/password and email you the information. All current members are active and your membership is extended to December 2012. Email nanc@sewbeit.comif you have any questions on how to make this work for your specific needs.  Take care.  SewBeIt! Nanc
  • UPDATE on Fashion Show Fundraiser for the Habitat For Humanity of Jessamine County – Non Profit (501C).  The fundraiser fashion show  was moved to October 2012 KEENELAND. It will be a live Auction on the garments modeled with 100% going to the Habitat of Jessamine County.  I will be working on the photos of garments completed and will post them. You are going to love it!!  I am so excited to be on the Board For Humanity of Jessamine County – Fundraising .  We hope to be part of an incredible year helping the Habitat  build more houses.  I have lots of young ladies that want to be fashion designers and be part of this fashion show.  More details and photos to follow. If you or your organization would be interested in Sponsoring this fashion show, please email your contact information to nanc@sewbeit.com.
  • BBB – This is so important to me having ethical business practices with SewBeIt.com. December 15, 2010 SewBeIt.com became accredited with Better Business Bureau of Central and Eastern Kentucky. Check out info@bluegrass.bbb.org If you have any questions call: 859-259-1008.
  • SewBeIt.com BBB® Accredited Business Seal

    2011 is my second year as member of the Jessamine County Commerce.  The following ad is in the Jessamine Resource Guide.

    Enjoy! SewBeIt! nanc@sewbeit.com