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SewBeIt.com 12-month Membership
Get access to our Newsletter and Documents Library, which includes our 2010-2011 SewBeIt.com printable forms and all the archived SewBeIt.com Newsletters Volume 1-3 (all 12 issues).  Note:  Annual Membership is non refundable. 

NewNow includes Bind Your Business at no extra cost.
$25.00 USD

BUST & CUP 2-Step Measuring tape
97% of females today wear the wrong bra and cup size!
$4.00 USD

The Lutterloh System
Lutterloh Manual
Includes: Tool kit, Instructions and 280 fashion styles & pattern designs
$129.00 USD

The Lutterloh System & 2 Curves- includes protective cover
Save $20.00
$149.00 USD

2011 Quarterly Fashion Supplements
40 fashion styles & pattern designs
Available for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
#280 (FEB), #281 (MAY), #282 (AUG), #283 (NOV)
Buy all 4 and save over 18%!
$20.00 USD (each)
$65.00 USD (all 4)

2010 Quarterly Supplements, #276-#279
$65.00 USD

2009 Quarterly Supplements, #272-#275
$65.00 USD

2008 Quarterly Supplements, #268-#271
$65.00 USD

2007 Quarterly Supplements, #264-#267
$65.00 USD

Collecting File Binder
holds 24 Quarterly Supplements
$15.00 USD

The Classic Special Edition-Fuller Figure No. 26
86 fashion styles & pattern designs
$30.00 USD

Men’s Special Edition No. 27
70 fashion styles & pattern-designs
$30.00 USD

Children’s Special Edition No. 28
76 fashion styles & pattern designs
$30.00 USD

XL/XXL Plus Size No. 29 – For bust measurement of 130cm or more
Tool Kit includes sizing scale, push pins
$69.00 USD

Classic Special Edition-Fuller Figure No. 30
72 fashion styles & pattern designs
$30.00 USD

Tailors Curve (French Curve)
Includes protective cover
$20.00 USD

Designer Curve (Hip Curve – skirts & trousers)
Includes protective cover
$19.00 USD

Tailors Curve & Designer Curve Combo
Get the Tailors Curve (French Curve) & Designer Curve (Hip Curve – skirts & trousers) for a special price, including protective covers
$38.00 USD

3 Rolls of Pattern Tracing Paper
$20.00 USD