The Story Behind the Story

The Complimentary Issue is dedicated to Lutterloh System International “The Golden Rule”. I have received feedback on how helpful the Order of Construction and Conversion Charts have been not only to new users but as a refresher to others that has had the system a while.

Limited to traveling, I wanted to take this distributorship a step further and provide more than pattern making information.  Sign up for Member Services and download all the archived Newsletters with home-based business startup, tips and techniques on sewing that can be used with your Lutterloh pattern making system.

This is an opportunity for me to share what I have learned over the years – not only in the sewing area but running a successful home-based business. Why recreate the wheel. I can share this with you pricing information, record keeping, home-based business do’s and don’t to help you become successful in your own business. Sign up for the FREE Sewbeit-talk group for Q’s &A’s. The information provided from you and me would be continuing education as needed.

Congratulations to those of you that got your Lutterloh manual out from the closet. I am here for you to help you become successful at pattern drafting and sewing with this great fitting pattern making system.

I hope these two features added: Member Services and Sewing Store will make it easier for all of you to keep up with the printable forms that you can download as a member at your convenience and the secure shopping card will make your ordering process faster.  You can sign up for member services and purchase all your Lutterloh products and updates through the secured shopping cart. I have included the new item that everybody is excited about….the Bra Measuring Tape.

Sew Be It! Nanc