Heirloomed Memories – Preserve Your Gown

Wedding Gown Preservation Co. has developed this process and is one of the only two companies recommended by The Bridal Designers and Manufacturers Association.  They offer a written lifetime warranty on their process and you can store the chest in any convenient location. You may include your headpiece, veil, moneybag, or any other accessories you would like to preserve for a small additional charge.

SewBeIt.com will include a $25.00 gift card  per bride off gown restoration price. Your gown will be checked for stains, and repairs and then shipped from SewBeIt.com to Wedding Gown Presevation Co. Your gown will  be packed in a beautiful and neutral preservation chest with a large viewing window and a carrying case for convenience and added protection and shipped direct to you.

For the Bride: You’ve done so much to make your wedding day full of special memories, but did you know that you can preserve your wedding gown as an heirloom for years to come? We hope your wedding day was everything you hoped, dreamed and planned it would be. Now it is critical to clean, preserve and heirloom your beautiful wedding gown for the years ahead. It is so easy and affordable.Storing your precious heirloom gown without cleaning it can cause very serious damage due to perspiration, protein, and other stains. Storing your gown on a hanger in a plastic garment bag can lead to mold, mildew and deterioration. Cleaning and storing your gown properly is not only extremely important; it is also so easy and affordable. The age and the condition of your wedding dress isn’t important but passing it on to the next generation is a priceless gift. The Wedding Gown Preservation Co. has developed a unique process in which the air and moisture are removed from the preservation chest and replaced with a clean dry processing gas. SewBeIt.com specializes in reworking restored wedding gowns and an Agent for Wedding Gown Preservation Co. For appointments and/or should you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to email nanc@sewbeit.com. Congratulations and best wishes. Sew Be It!  Nanc